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Best known for her cat books, Niki composes unusual and factual stories that enamor readers and offer lessons for wise living. Her books of meditations for cat lovers have sold over 340,000 copies in the U.S. and been translated in Japanese and Thai. Two cat books, and a gardening book, What I Learned from God While Gardening, won Silver Angel trophies awarded to literature that promotes ethical and moral excellence. She is the author of BESTSELLER, What My Cat Has Taught Me about Life and Inspur-r-rational Stories for Cat Lovers. Her latest release, Whiskers, Wit, and Wisdom: True Cat Tales and the Lessons They Teach, is a new assortment of kitty stories with the usual pussycat purr-spectives that point the reader to a loving GodClickToReadMore...

My Latest Collection of Cat Stories

Whiskers, Wit, and Wisdom: True Cat Tales and the Lessons They Teach

IN STORES and online; published by Simon and Schuster: Howard Books

Tales of mischief and narratives of compassion serve as a bridge to the heart of feline fanciers. This charming assortment of stories offers the refreshing surprise that wisdom abounds in both the good and not-so-good experiences with a cat.

Learn numerous lessons from the antics, habits, and endearments of cats in their sundry predicaments and services:

  • living in a tree
  • facing death in a snow bank
  • bringing cheer at a prison
  • surviving 9-11
  • presiding at a clinic
  • comforting the cancer-stricken
  • leaving a memorial after Hurricane Katrina

Real-life accounts of cats and their owners focus on inspirational themes like, OPTIMISM, SERVICE, COMPANIONSHIP, COURAGE, SERVICE, COURAGE, AND TRUST. Spiritual concepts spring naturally from each story, offering a capsule of lasting inspiration.

Adding extra appeal to this charming compilation of feline philosophy is a Bible verse related to the story theme; The Tail End: information about cat care, a bit of cat trivia, or a quotation; Kitty Wit: a humorous quip to prompt a smile; the Bio-note: an introduction to the cat’s owner; and a simple PURR-rayer concluding the whole.

Order now at (paperback edition only) - (e-book) - (The Nook book and the paperback available)  

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Inspur-r-rational Stories for Cat Lovers

SIXTY-THREE true and remarkable stories gathered from around the world--from New Zealand to Norway, from California to New York. They include encounters between a cat and rat, cats and dogs, a cat and a grizzly, the cat aboard the Titanic, and other touching accounts like the cat who saved a quail, or Adolf who logged 90,000 air miles during World War II; Friskie, first-ever king of Cats-sopolis; Sunny Delight the massage thera-pet; C.C. the city hall resident; Rastus the motorcycle cat, and Midnight the copycat. Each true tale reveals the importance of viewing life with a balanced blend of intelligence, wonder, amusement, and God's purr-spective.

AVAILABLE on my bookstore page.

Slideshow of "Cats Everything" Party and Dessert

Click  to view Smilebox .   My photographer, author of Hot Flashes from Heaven, produced this delightful picture story of my autograph party and dessert at Manito Golf and Country Club on October 10, 2009. Among a few catty things, you'll see a cat balloon, a cat figurine, a mechanically animated cat, LOTS of cat books, a cat sweatshirt, cat gifts and prizes, cat-tails (in the bouquets), and a certain cat author. 

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